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As I had anticipated, reality took hold of my week on RAGBRAI. During hour one of the first day, I made peace with the fact that I would not be focused on pictures but the facts and they were as follows:

  1. Riding 454 miles across Iowa will require my full attention.
  2. Wearing yesterdays stinky riding clothes is only gross for about 30 minutes. That’s when everyone else then smells exactly the same (it wasn’t me).
  3. Deodorant is useless but the act of using it is still the polite thing to do.
  4. Each day is only a series of short rides with my friends and a treat to ride.
  5. Hide the beer when a late night rider shows up and hits the dog with his bike.
  6. If I ride as fast as I can for as far as I can, the Margaritaville bus will be just over the last hill.
  7. Clif Shot Blocks are without a doubt the best energy option on the market. When my pace slows, the Clif Bar boys will roll up and hand me the electrolyte goodness to get me to my next stop. I *heart* those guys.
  8. Although I don’t dig on swine, Mr. Pork Chop is always at the best parties.
  9. Nothing feels better than rolling into the last town with my friends.
  10. Iowa is filled with good people and I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few of them.
  11. Me and Ira would ride every mile across the state of Iowa unless unable to do so due to injuries sustained requiring medical attention.

Ira and I are almost completely recovered now, a week later. I have just begun to process the experiences during RAGBRAI. In the coming posts, I will recount lessons and share the few pictures I did take.


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RAGBRAI XXXVIII: Confessions of a Food Snob Day 1

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  • 1. Gabrielle  |  August 11, 2010 at 6:18 pm


    So glad to see this blog. My husband has done 10+ Ragbrai, although they have become fewer and farther between as he gotten older. One day, I may try. I appreciate your food thoughts–I am a huge proponent of unprocessed food. Especially as the parent of a pre-schooler (and a chick with a family tendency to hold onto extra pounds like they are money), I have tried to wean more and more of pre-fab food from our diet. I actually succeeded last week in purchasing not one item that wasn’t in its natural state (not counting whole wheat bread–I haven’t yet ventured into home baking!) Best of luck on your blog, etc. I still want to get together sometime–I just let life get in the way too often…g

    • 2. tiamartinson  |  August 12, 2010 at 1:52 am

      Thanks. And let it be known: there’s nothing wrong with a spare lb or two just keep moving and avoid the garbage “they” will try to sell you. (I’m pretty sure it’s plastic…*shudder*, *spine chill*) I’m in DSM quite a bit, I’ll bug you for a rendez-vous soon!


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