RAGBRAI XXXVIII: Confessions of a Food Snob Day 4

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Sweet Team Got Beer Pic

Sweet Team Got Beer Pic

I was wide awake at 6 AM. Buddy, the golden retriever, climbed on my air mattress and was looking for some belly rubs. It was a tight fit with all the air mattresses in the living room, so I planned my exit route carefully. Ken and Deb set up the team with a fantastic breakfast of hard-boiled eggs, muffins, fruit and coffee. Awesome. I sat outside with my breakfast which included the obligatory banana. The rain the night before cooled things down and the morning was fresh and crisp. Hot diggety, this was going to be a good day! Because we were west of Clear Lake, we had 7 additional miles to get to the route and an extra 3-4 miles at the end to get to our Charles City host. Still only 62 miles with just under 1,200 feet of climbing. Piece of cake!

The Margaritaville Bus had a top vent we hadn’t closed the night before, so loading up/drying out some things took a little while. The smell was…well… special. Tires pumped, Trace Minerals passed (still out of Shot Bloks) and bus loaded, we saddled up and rode out. All 15 of us rode out together that morning. Riding past Clear Lake was beautiful. As we rode through the center of town, a kid standing at the end of his driveway was holding out a can of beer. I rode up to him, grabbed it, popped it open and we passed it around. We were getting warmed up for our second breakfast, Farm Boys. We figured another 30-40 minutes somewhere between Clear Lake and Swaledale we’d see our breakfast stop.

The Scene at Farm Boys

The Scene at Farm Boys

Bottle Neck at Farm Boys

Bottle Neck at Farm Boys

Once again, I enjoyed eggs, onions and a sprinkle of cheese rolled up in a tortilla with a side of strawberries. Oh, yeah. Good stuff. We looked at the map and opted to skip Swaledale and head straight into Rockwell.

Chief had the Margaritaville bus parked across the street from the pool. Adjacent to the bus was a lively game of beerball. Still pounding the H2O, I watched the game from afar. Here’s how it works:

  1. The game host gives you a beer
  2. You slam the beer while being timed in seconds
  3. You spin around as many times as seconds it took you to drink the beer
  4. The game host pitches a full beer that you must hit with the bat or you start over

It was pretty funny to see people all staggery, trying to make bat to can contact.

One of the most interesting teams I ran into on RAGBRAI was Team Bad Boy. I’d seen them over the past few days but had the opportunity to talk to them in Rockwell. They ride to Iowa from Colorado self-contained then they ride back to Colorado after they complete RAGBRAI. One guy pulls a smoker (grill), one guy pulls the overnight gear, another has a bar and I think one of them had a sound system. These guys were a treat. I recognized the insignificance of my own trip across Iowa in comparison to the ride Team Bad Boy was on. Cooler still, Team Clif Bar rolled up to us and gave the team piles of Shot Bloks. It was like Christmas. I had been unsuccessful in my efforts to replenish the Clif Shot Blok supply the day before so I was feeling pretty good about seeing these boys.

Steve from Team Bad Boy Pulls the Smoker

Steve from Team Bad Boy Pulls the Smoker

There was a stand selling pizza down the street that had all fresh vegetables and a homemade crust. This was right up my alley, but unfortunate for me, I wasn’t hungry after second breakfast. Too bad for me, I heard that is was outstanding. I opted instead for my shot of electrolytes courtesy of Clif and got back in the saddle. Rockford was about 16 miles out so we rode past Cartersville straight to Rockford. We didn’t see the bus, so we parked our bikes and went on a little tour of the set up. The center of town had a beer garden with a DJ and a dance party was in full swing. Lou had his temporary tatoo and spoke bracelet tent set up just outside the beer garden. We spent a little while there so that one of our own could get a tatoo on his calf. Of course this endeavor took a little extra time because he needed to have his legs shaved. 20 minutes and several phone pictures later, I went on a beer run and we learned the bus was on the far side of town.

Beer Run

I Went on the Beer Run

Across the street from the Margaritaville Bus, Team Draught had a couple getting married on the tailgate of their bus. May they always have wind to their backs.

Wedding on Team Draught Bus

Wedding on Team Draught Bus

The team was invited to a party in Charles City. Our overnight hosts were also hosting a party right on Main Street with all kinds of food and fun. Less than 15 miles stood between us and that party. By this late in the day, most of our team had splintered off into different rides. I rode this leg with only 2 other riders. The wind had come up and there were a couple of longer hills that were trying to beat me down. One of my teammates pulled some Shot Bloks out of his jersey pocket and handed them to me. Better. We rode into Charles City with the Iowa Fight Song playing and feeling great.

Charles City was buzzing. We pulled up to Feller and Associates where there was a cookout and reception for their clients. I had a hamburger and a beer. We settled in for a little rest before riding the last few miles to Bill and Peggy’s home. I was lucky enough to spend some time with their youngest, Maria. She showed me some stretching moves and artwork. It was a treat! Cleaned up and ready for more sights and sounds of Charles City, several of us loaded up the bus and headed back downtown. Pleased to find Hanni’s tent on Main, the steamed vegetables and grilled chicken kabob hit the spot. We got back to the house around midnight. I enjoyed a late night beer with Peggy by the bus before heading down to the room filled with 16 of my closest friends.


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