RAGBRAI XXXVIII: Confessions of a Food Snob Day 5

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After a morning stretch, I sat out by the bus studying the map. Including our ride back to the route it would be 86 miles mostly headed south to Waterloo with 2,600+ feet of climbing. Our host Bill returned from the store with all the supplies he needed to send us off with a beautiful breakfast. Once the eggs were cooking, the team emerged. A few more members of the team were headed home midday and the remaining members would ride to Waterloo. The usual rounds of Trace Minerals and Shot Bloks and we were back in our saddles headed toward our second breakfast at Farm Boys.

At Farm Boys, we decided we would skip Clarksville and head straight into Parkersburg. After 1,000 feet of climbing to arrive there, Parkersburg was a sight for sore tails. Hunkering down in Parkersburg, we pulled up a curb on a residential street adjacent to the route. A little boy who presumably lived in the house we were parked in front of hung around and observed. We were able to adorn him with a few parting gifts and take a picture before he scampered away.

Boy in Parkersburg

Boy in Parkersburg

I grazed on a banana and some raw almonds while we discussed our next leg. The guys who were leaving need to rendezvous with their transportation. Chief studied the map and it looked like the best option would be New Hartford. The team agreed we wanted to ride it together. For no clear reason, we spent a long time in Parkersburg by the bus. One brave soul tested out a rickety old 2-story bike that a local man had brought downtown. Another teammate was getting some much-needed attention to a gigantic saddle blister that would end his ride. Finally, we headed to New Hartford.

As we made our way along the county roads, we did manage to get a visit from the Butler Sheriff’s Department. If it was a test, we passed, and we continued off-route on a very hilly ride to New Harford.

Butler county Sheriff

Butler County Sheriff

The bus was parked just down from Beaver Creek Bar and Grill. Several other team busses were parked nearby. Beaver Creek was buzzing. I heard the party kept going, but there were 5 of us planning to ride the remaining 20-30 miles to Waterloo. We weren’t sure where we were going or how far it would be, but we knew it was getting pretty late to be goofing around off-route.

Kid showing off in New Hartford

Kid showing off in New Hartford

We stopped for supplemental directions every time we saw people. Eventually, encroaching on Waterloo, we picked up the bike trail. Unfortunately for us, we went the wrong way on the trail. After some circling, and more miles, we saw the Margaritaville Bus in a parking lot. We finally arrived at our overnight host. A founding team member for Team Got Beer. This was another warm welcome. Ken and Suzanne had everything prepared for us to be comfortable and have a great time. Bananas, vegetables and cheese were my treats before we headed out to Smitty’s for some pizza. I think I slept uninterrupted for 6 hours. It was beautiful.


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