Growing a pair (of fins)

January 23, 2011 at 12:52 pm Leave a comment

So I’m thinking growing fins is not going to happen before my first triathlon. I can live without them, I guess, but I continue to flounder (sorry) in the pool as I train for Copper Creek. I’m pulling off the distance and then some. I’m using freestyle and not floating the distance on my back or any other equally passive stroke. All of this still results in me feeling like I’m dragging an anchor behind me as I swim up and down the lane at my local pool.

On the bike, I concentrate on the burning in my hamstrings. It feels good and I keep pushing. Running, I focus on my breath and the rhythm of my feet as they hit the ground I get into a groove and I just keep going.

Snot Spot Hand Spot

Would this work in the water and is it Tri-legal?

In the pool, it’s just not natural. I’m thinking about all the snot produced from a mere 100 meters of swimming. Then I think about the number of people swimming and the distances covered. This leads me to do some crazy math in my head to determine the water to snot to chlorine ratios at any given time in the pool. Now I’m thinking about my crappy goggles getting fogged and the fact that I don’t ever remember swimming laps in a pool before I started training to complete a triathlon. I was more of an open swim kind of gal. Scratch that, I was a water-skier. The swimming was a bi-product.

What am I doing? Who do I think I am getting in the water to swim fast? Please, don’t call me to answer that. I have water in my good ear so I can’t hear and have no sense of volume so I am very loud. Don’t text me either. My eyes are burning from the chlorine and snot that have advanced past the protective suction of my goggles so I can’t see very well.

Tomorrow begins a recovery week during which I will train very lightly and work on my attitude. Next week, I will swim faster and think less.


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